Designing Tips: How to Style Your Room into Looking Bigger

We all want to maximize our area without sacrificing its convenience and atmosphere. Coming home to a confined space can be frustrating, specifically if you invest most of your time working outside. A house should be a place where you can relax your mind and body. A room with limited space should not be an issue because you can constantly maximize it and make it look larger. Yes, you heard it right. Any space can look larger with just a couple of styling tricks.

Tips on Making a Room Look Bigger

If you have been settling for a space that feels suffocating and confined, now is the time to start anew. These are some strategies you can try to give you a bigger-looking room to come home to.

Smart Lighting

We all love lighting fixtures that we can put on the table and the flooring, but there is a better way to brighten your room while making it look bigger. You can always opt for lighting choices that can be hung or attached to the walls. Some even come with functions like swing arms to easily provide you area when needed. When circular shopping, you can look at some cool fixtures in sustainable shops to assist in saving the environment while you are at it.

High Ceilings

The minimal surface space and square footage can be a problem, but you can always choose high ceilings. Have tall windows set up and enhance it with high drapes and wallpapers. This will add to ventilation and reduce the feeling of suffocation in the room.

Large Rugs

Believe it or not, the choice of your rugs plays a part in identifying whether your space looks big or small. This is why some experienced designers advise going for big carpets that have a bold pattern. These carpets don’t break up the floor, which makes the room look bigger.

White Wall Paint

If you paint them bold, dark colors, a small, enclosed area will appear like the walls closing in on you. The number one choice for small rooms is white. Sport white walls and add bold and appealing furniture that can be the focal point of the space. This also illuminates the place, making it appear less suffocating and confined.

Floating Furniture

Thanks to companies like Kola Project that provide various furniture, you can now utilize floating furniture to save space. This gets rid of the tendency of pushing furniture against the walls. Plus, it doesn’t leave you with a room that is nearly loaded with furnishings and clutter. Floating furniture will give your room a larger look, so make sure to use those that will complement your design’s style.

The Takeaway

Styling a space into looking larger doesn’t have to eliminate the convenience one gets from having it. When you correctly style your area, you maximize its aesthetic appeals and the overall experience it gives. The next time you work on a project, consider all the methods we mentioned above. Your effort will undoubtedly go a long way and will provide you the utmost convenience daily.