Finding a Financial Adviser


Seeking skilled advice from a qualified financial adviser is often a shrewd move in getting the most from your money. Yet a lot of people might be at a loss on what we should think about when selecting a financial adviser.

Below are some of the key questions you might like to inquire when making your choice:

Does your preferred adviser specialize in the subject which you would like information on (annuities, mortgages, pensions etc)?

Some advisers specialize in one area, others cover a variety of areas, selecting the right one depends upon the breadth or depth of information which you’re trying to find.

Is your preferred adviser authorized by the Financial Services Authority?

You should check with the FSA prior to taking or paying for any information. Firms that aren’t registered ought to be avoided. Any reputable company should be registered with the FSA.

Is your preferred adviser independent?

Financial advisers enjoy differing levels of independence. An independent financial adviser should provide you a service tailored to your requirements offering a variety of products from throughout the market. If your adviser isn’t independent they can usually only advise you on their own goods, and this could severely limit your choices. Financial advisers that are tied to a specific company can be helpful when you simply want advice on their specific products and have already researched the broader market. Do not be afraid to ask directly if they’re properly independent.

What will the information fees be?

Even though most advisers will provide a free initial consultation it’s important that you fully understand what future prices may be, and agree if they’ll be compensated on a fixed fee or commission basis.

Have you completed your basic research?

Whatever sort of product you’re searching for information on you should have a basic comprehension of what’s on offer, and what your aims are to prevent any danger of coming away with a product entirely unsuitable for your requirements.

Can you see yourself developing a relationship with your adviser?

Trust is important. Your financial adviser may enable you to make some of the most critical financial decisions of your life, so you should feel completely comfortable with them.

As soon as you’ve considered these questions and found a financial adviser to fit your requirements, you need to maintain regular contact with your adviser to make certain you completely understand how your money is being handled.

The financial world is becoming increasingly complex, with a massive selection of products available to the consumer. Whether you’re looking for information on pension schemes, annuities, investments, mortgages or any other financial decisions affecting you or your organization. Finding a dependable independent financial adviser can help you think about the entire array of options available.