Generating Return Business from Powerful First Impressions

At the base of developing any business lays one fundamental concept: you have to maintain what you have. It’s a simple concept. You can bring new clients through the front doors daily, but if you are losing them out the back, your business will remain stagnant. So what exactly does it take to keep folks coming back?

There is a lot to be said on the subject. The range spans from creating powerful first impressions to providing world-class support after the sale. All facets that fall within that scope are significant to generating return business. That being said, we are likely to revolve around the very first impression of your business. How do customers feel as if they walk in their first experience with your business? It is important to be aware there is a first impression people make for your business itself which is separate from the impression clients’ kind of you personally.

The reason for focusing on the very first impression of your business is that it can make or break one out of the beginning. If a possible client feels uncomfortable before ever talking to you or your staff, it is likely that they may walk out and never return. It is a reality we must confront and fortify. However if we can create an atmosphere where people feel relaxed and comfortable and combine that with a great individual first impression, we greatly increase our chances of a return customer. Once a customer returns for the next time, your odds of keeping them for the long term grow exponentially.

How can we make this powerful first impression of our business that will keep folks coming back? You need to realize the very first impression of your business starts with the way customers feel from the minute they get to the place your business is located. If you are located in a nice place that’s readily found, you’ve already taken the first step in forming a good first impression for your business. If your business is located at a run-down place, or within a neighborhood people don’t like to go to, they have already begun forming a negative first impression. It’s possible they could drive.

Location aside, it is essential to ensure your business signs are easily seen from the street. You do not wish to lose a potential client because they could not find you. Make finding you as simple as possible. Then as soon as they have discovered you make certain there is sufficient close-up parking. If you’re in a business complex you’ll wish to consider getting signs designating several upfront parking spaces reserved for your clients. It’s a little thing that people love. See: Spoke and Vine Motel | Motel in Palisade, Colorado | Colorado Motel

The outside of your business should be clean and well maintained. I know some that require it up to sweeping the sidewalks every morning. Then, after a possible client steps in the door, the real magic begins. From here we would like to appeal to all five senses to create an atmosphere that welcomes new customers and puts them at ease.

Let us start using sight. We’ve already begun to create a good first impression by making sure our entry is clean and nicely maintained. That’s only enforced once a possible client walks in. Matters from the lobby or entrance should be nicely organized. Avoid clutter and messy spaces. Placement and placement of furniture and decorations need to be well considered as to suggest that a course. The colors of your walls, floors, and décor are extremely important. Each color portrays a different feeling and emotion. Choose colors that depict the feelings you are trying to accomplish in your business. A fantastic resource that will assist you to choose colors that match your kind of business can be found in If you or your employees still don’t feel up to this task, an interior designer can help. Also, focus on the materials used in your area. Natural materials provide a”grounded” feeling where highly synthetic materials can be seen as cheap.

The sound has an important roll in the very first impression of your business. A lot of men and women are alert to ambient sounds such as traffic outside or an ac unit on the roof. Studies have proven that if people are distracted by such sounds they subconsciously perceive the people around them as thoughtless. If you discover there are distracting noises on your building it is possible to find ways to cover up them. Trickling water does a fantastic job of covering up unwanted sound whilst concurrently developing a calm atmosphere. Light classical music has a similar impact. Steer clear of silence where potential. Total silence may result in feelings of anxiety or boredom. At the area where people are waiting, make certain that there is a sound that’s relaxing but not distracting. Soft sounds are greatest.

Smell is happily a simple and efficient way to raise the power of your business’s first impression. Covering this measure is as easy as getting a scented candle or a plug-in air freshener. A word of caution though: overbearing scents can be just as awful as an awful stench. Make certain that the air has an obvious but subtle scent. Another bit of information you may find helpful is that the odor most commonly associated with trust, respect, and honesty is vanilla.

Touch isn’t the first feeling that springs to mind when thinking of how to create a lasting first impression for the business; however, it can be very effective if done right. It is interesting to remember that when a potential customer walks in the front door they are immediately comforted and feel more protected in the event the floor beneath them is soft. It’s a psychological gentle landing as they venture into a new office or store. Another very important area to pay exclusive attention to the sense of touch is at the reception or waiting area. Make sure chairs are properly cushioned and ventilated. It’s no secret that a gentle well-cushioned seat is much more desired than a rigid chair. Though clients will never comment on these two suggestions they do help make your first impression a step further.

Taste is a feeling that many professionals allure to without knowing they are doing so. You will observe that many of the offices that you visit possess a candy bowl or fresh mints in the front desk. Simple? Yes. Effective? Most definitely. You don’t need to stop there, however. Offering a fresh drink is a great way to show prospective clients that you care.