How a Fundraising Consultant Firm Can Help Transform Your Campaign

For private businesses, they depend on their profit from selling goods and services to finance their operations. For non-profit organizations, they rely entirely on the donations and gifts of their generous donors. Even so, it is not easy to convince them to support your organization and maintain it without the right approaches.

To achieve your fundraising campaign goals, you need to focus your efforts on reaching these supporters. This is when you need the services of fundraising consultants.

What Do Fundraising Consultants Do?

Fundraising consultants are professionals with deep knowledge, skills, and experience to help you come up with strategies that help you reach your fundraising goals. They also identify and resolve the campaign issues of your non-profit organization.

Ways on How Fundraising Consultants Help Your Organization

They Can Help You Find Fundraising Software

You can always find time to look for fundraising software but as they say, leave this to the experts. To host crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaigns, you will need a platform. In doing so, you probably have these questions: 

  • What features do I need?
  • What is the best platform to use?
  • Where and how do I start creating my campaign? 

Fundraising consultants can help you find the right software and teach you how to use it. They have experienced working on all different fundraisers in the past, so they can suggest the most effective ones they’ve used. In addition, they also help you: 

  • Set up a new software
  • Migrate your information
  • Suggest a payment processor

They Can Help You Find Supporters

Reputable fundraising consultants help you find supporters through gathering and creating donor profiles. This way, you can understand your prospective donors’ behaviors and gain valuable insights about them, including analyzing data on their giving habits. With these details, you can tailor your campaign to meet their preferences.

Also, they can create non-profit feasibility studies to determine if you can run a successful fundraiser. This study also includes identifying major donors.

They Can Give You a Fresh Perspective

Instead of hiring someone full-time, why don’t you hire fundraising consultants to give you fresh ideas and perspectives? Most of them who have been in the industry for a long time have worked with many different organizations and know which ideas work. Some of these are even unique that you never thought of.

Because they’re not part of your organization, they will look at it in the eyes of donors. They will give suggestions and recommendations that they believe will attract more donors.

They Can Improve Your Fundraising Strategy

Though fundraising may not be new to you, you need fresh and different approaches to raise funds effectively. These strategies should be easy to understand for your entire volunteers and staff. What fundraising consultants do is help you align your budget, goals, and available resources to develop a plan that will put your organization on the right track.

These strategies should:

  • Empower your team
  • Establish your priorities and objectives
  • Outline the steps to reach your goals

They Can Help You Implement Your Plan

Once you complete your planning phase, it’s time to act. Hiring professional fundraising consultants to help you avoid mistakes during the implementation and ensure everything runs smoothly.

They can guide you on your decisions regarding task delegation among departments, budget, and identification of obstacles early on to resolve them.

If you’re launching a capital campaign, the following steps can be included during the implementation:

  • The quiet phase
  • Campaign kickoff
  • The public phase
  • Stewardship

Choosing the Right Fundraising Consulting Firm

Whether you’re launching a capital campaign, reevaluating your fundraising strategy, or looking to create a campaign strategy study, fundraising consultants should be a part of your plan. You can ask your relatives, friends, or people you know if they can recommend someone, search the internet, or look into a fundraising consultant directory. 

The most important thing is that your pick can meet your fundraising needs. Additionally, ensure that they have had experiences with non-profits in your sector and your region. On top of these, they should be aligned with your organization’s culture.