How To Plan A Wedding In One Month

Let’s face it, planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. This is why most couples plan their wedding months or even years before the event. However, not all have that amount of time. Some couples only have a timeline as short as a month. And there are many reasons for this. It might be because of a busy schedule, a military deployment, you’re eloping, or you simply want to get married asap to the love of your life. 

But is it possible to plan a whole wedding within a month? The answer is yes. Event and wedding planning is possible, as long as you act swiftly and follow this guide we made. Interested to know about it? Then keep on reading!

Tips to Remember While Planning a Wedding Within a Month

Are you in a hurry to plan a wedding? Here are some tips you can apply for you to achieve the wedding of your dreams within a month:

1. Prepare Yourself

Not everyone can handle planning a wedding in just a month. You need to have the correct mindset and be decisive. There’s no time for you to sit around and ponder about your choices. Since you only have a few weeks, you need to make sure that you prepared yourself and your partner for the stress you are about to encounter.

2. Set A Budget

One of the first things you should do to begin your wedding planning is to set a budget. You might think that you will not have to spend too much money on your wedding if you only plan it a month ahead, but that’s wrong. Since you are pressured to decide on the spot most of the time, it is more than likely that you will overspend. So, talk with your partner to figure out a budget that you will strictly follow. You can also create a budget plan that has all the expenses you project to have. By doing this, there is less probability for you to go over budget.

3. Get A Wedding Planner

We understand that you might have some inhibitions to hire an event planner since this will cost you money. However, having one can really save you. Event and wedding planning coordinators, such as Pineapple Eventworks, are experienced in planning big celebrations within a short period. Therefore, through their assistance, planning your wedding within a month will be a piece of cake. Plus, you won’t have to stress much since they will handle everything for you. 

4. Hire Locals 

While planning your wedding, you will need to hire many people – caterers, photographers, florists, hairstylists, and more. To save you time looking for these professionals, opt to go local. For example, you’re from Halifax, get Halifax event designs experts instead of from other places. Locals are more likely to be flexible and available even on short notice. Additionally, since these locals are within the area, it will be advantageous for you because you are near them.


Planning a wedding can become stressful, especially if you are only given a limited amount of time to do it. It can become overwhelming, but still, it is doable. And we hope that through these tips, we helped in making it possible for you.