How To Prepare For The Next Hurricane

As the country continues to concentrate greatly on the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminding property owners of their desperate need to prepare their homes and businesses for the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Together with 18 predicted storms, the season, which officially starts on June 1, will probably be compared to ordinary. PuroClean is supplying both home and business owners tips to protect their properties, ensuring they’re ready for whatever may come. 

“With a worldwide pandemic already causing concern, we realize hurricane season preparedness may not be top-of-mind. It’s very important that property owners take the necessary measures now to safeguard their assets, to avoid any additional burden a storm could add.”

Evacuating through flooded streets

Many businesses that were unprepared for last year’s impact were made to relocate or close due to damage. Also, many homeowners saw flooding or surplus structural damage.

Residential and commercial properties are impacted by the strong rain and wind of hurricanes. And, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the expected annual economic losses from most types of damage caused by hurricane winds and storm-related floods complete $54 billion.

We encourage both residential and commercial real estate owners to be aware of the following tips. They will help ensure preparedness and save time when crises occur:

  • Know your risks — Learn your area’s flood risk and neighborhood hurricane evacuation routes. Knowing this helps you determine your business’s risk factor and prepare for what may come. Use FEMA’s Map Service Center, where you can enter your speech to see your flood zone.
  • Check your insurance policy — in case you don’t have flood insurance, then get it today. Regular homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Businesses should add disruption insurance to help cover loss of earnings after a storm. Remember that it might take around 30 times for flood insurance to take effect.
  • Safe your property Fasten your roof with clips or straps to reduce damage. Prune shrubs and trees in your yard for more wind resistance. Reinforce your garage door to allow it to withstand powerful winds. Be sure to obtain an electric generator to run appliances that are essential when the power goes out. Find out how to shut off the power and gas to your home.
  • Create a household evacuation plan — Determine a meeting place for your loved ones and routes to get there. Plan how to get in contact with your family when separated. Plan where you’ll go if you must evacuate, such as a shelter.
  • Create an emergency kit make certain to include provisions for at least three days. You also need to add in medicine for anyone who wants it, as well as pet supplies. Store copies of significant documents, such as evidence of ownership of any property on your emergency kit. Back up the information on your electronic devices to ensure it is protected in case your computer, or other apparatus, are damaged during the hurricane.

“PuroClean franchise owners are trained and ready to protect property owners through their times of need, such as hurricane season,” said Steve White, president, and COO of all PuroClean. “As a leader for over 20 decades, we’re prepared to dispatch our technicians to states across the nation to provide relentless customer service to people who require additional support after being insignificant harm from the upcoming season’s storms.”

PuroClean’s Emergency Management Plan

PuroClean’s EMP will help business owners efficiently handle unexpected events and minimize the effect on businesses, properties, and clients. Find out more about disaster restoration here, and know how to protect your home from water damage.

Furthermore, PuroClean offers a national disaster response group. They can encourage communities affected by major damage or affected during hurricane season.