Spray Tanning: Beneficial Alternative for Natural Tanning

Spray tans provide people a radiant, healthy tan in time for a wedding, prom, or other special events. They are a far better option for your health than lying out in the sun or, even worse, spending time in a UV bed. You may get skin cancer by being exposed to UV radiation in the sun or from tanning beds.

Spray tans use dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a glycerin derivative, as its active component. Amino acids in dead skin cells react and bond with DHA, creating a tan appearance that progressively fades as time goes on. A beautiful tan will develop in 4 to 12 hours after the solution is applied to the skin.

Upsides of Spray Tanning

The practice of tanning has been given a negative reputation throughout the years. When done correctly, tanning is safe and has several positive effects on one’s health. It has the potential to be a beneficial component of your life. Here are five valuable reasons why tanning is so popular.

1. Avoid Harmful UV Exposure

Many would rather lie out in the open air and soak up some rays than go to a tanning salon and use a tanning bed. However, there is a risk of acquiring excessive UV radiation in concentrated regions while being exposed to natural sunlight. You won’t be getting a sunburn or being overexposed to UV rays when you get a tan with a sunless tanning spray. At the same time, you don’t get an uneven tan as you might do outside.

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2. Boosts Confidence

In spray tanning salons, we often encounter new customers trying spray tanning for the first time. They are beaming with joy as they leave the tanning salon because they are so pleased with how their new tan turned out. The psychological advantages are incredible, and they have the potential to boost a person’s sense of self-worth quickly. Spray tanning is ideal if you want to appear sun-kissed but can’t achieve a tan from natural sunshine.

3. Easy and Time-Saving

Time and effort to prepare for a spray tan are minimal. To get your skin ready for the tanning spray, you must wash, shave the relevant areas, and exfoliate. For women, this is a little addition to their daily schedule. Getting a golden tan from the sun might take hours or even days, which is more time than most of us have. When getting a personalized spray tan, you can have one done in as little as 10 minutes.

4. Have the Perfect Shade

Choosing the perfect shade of self-tanning product for your skin tone might be challenging since various colors of self-tanning products respond differently to different skin tones. You have no idea what you will get until the whole procedure is complete. Because professionals perform personalized spray tans, you can rely on them to guide you toward the perfect shade.

5. Enhances Physical Appearance

Spray tans may do more than improve the color of your skin; they can also enhance your overall look. If you are conscious about specific parts of your body because of little scars, blemishes, stretch marks, or varicose veins, a spray tan may assist conceal them. Pro bodybuilders and competitors spray tan for a purpose. This is because the tan highlights the tanners’ muscles, eyes, and teeth, making them seem more attractive.