Steps to Internet Marketing Success


Too often we simplify complex processes. Equally frequently we make some things more complicated than they are. We avoid that battle of theories by understanding what is complex naturally and what is not. Consider how simple our life is when we have a minute to read a manual before using the gizmo we bought to make life simpler.

We venture into the unknown when beginning something new to us. Our likelihood of success is greater when we know how to take first steps before we run.

Fear of failure keeps us from taking the first step to success. With that in mind here is the first of my 3 phrases deciding on online business success. As you read you will quickly understand they can easily be applied to many things in life.

1. Learn

Regardless of what your business experience, or Internet acumen – you’re starting something new. And it can help to learn which side of the horse is ideal for climbing into the saddle.

What is it exactly you want doing online? Are you really going to become a blogger, affiliate marketer, coach and trainer, a vendor on Amazon or eBay?

My advice to individuals wanting to begin an internet business is to take time to learn the many methods allowing that. Pick one and find the most prosperous people doing it. Reach out to them. When they have a training plan, purchase it. Should they supply advice by email or RSS – sign up. If they host webinars – attend.

Simply, learn what you don’t know before walking to the minefield where 97% of individuals neglecting online blow up.

2. Patience

An individual failure is expecting too much too soon.

Those who have read Malcolm Gladwell know the 10,000-hour concept. Gladwell believes, as do I, that it takes 10,000 hours of experience to make someone more than capable at their craft.

Do not be like the new farmer who pulls up the carrots to learn how they’re growing.

A word of advice for a ‘Newbie’ is Patience.

Only the ground turns from dark to light in 12 hours or less. Building an online business is a delicate procedure. Your ledger won’t go from red to black daily.

It might take months to receive your first sale or customer. Some chances deliver results faster than others. The purpose is to create a sustainable business creating income and customers for the long haul. But all starts are filled with pitfalls and you need to trust your manual. The point is: don’t give up. Be patient. Rinse & repeat – victory will come.

3. Focus

Don’t lose sight of your targets. I sign off emails with:’Goals are dreams with deadlines’

That is a quote from Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker. Sadly Rohn died a couple of years back. Recordings of his speeches and motivational programs are offered on Amazon.

Too many men and women cheer for your own failure. Some are jealous, others are just mean.

Ignore them. Write your strategy on a pad. Don’t use the computer. I think nothing is real unless it’s in writing. For me writing something by hand is much more optimistic than simply turning it into a computer application.

We are easily distracted. As with other creatures humans look around. With eyes positioned to see forwards, we turn our heads toward noises we hear or a flash in our peripheral vision.

But we are hunters by nature and our forwards area of sight enables us to concentrate on the prey. Educate yourself to mentally stay focused on the next step toward your objective. Your business prey is your target – the sale – the next step in your funnel. Be like a stalking beast in nature films… don’t take your eyes off the prize.


Model your life after lives of successful individuals. Read books about successful individuals. Study them. Build your desire to succeed – in your favorite niche and manner.

Learn, patience and focus are my success words. If you would like online business success, recall these success words.