How to Clean Your Washing Machine and Dryer

Exactly like your clothing, your washer and drier are things that need regular cleaning, although not that frequently. As time passes, washing machines collect dirt residue that might lead to mold, and dryers accumulate lint which may begin a fire. So clean your washer and drier regularly to keep them fresh. 
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Sump Pump Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid

A sump pump may be the difference between a pricey flooding incident and a dry basement. They are two types of sump pumps, “submersible” pumps have been installed under the ground in your own basements, whereas the “pedestal” pump stays over your sump basin. Sump pumps are utilized to “pump” groundwater away from your home
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Smart Home Devices That Can Prevent Fire and Flood Disaster

Unfortunately, even the most cautious homeowners can experience floods or fires in their homes. In recent years, however, it has been possible to reduce that risk with smart home devices which can detect danger before it’s time to wreak havoc on your home. These devices are attached to a Wi-Fi system and send you alerts
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Ways to Dry Out Walls After Water Damage

Following an event that leads to water damage in your home, not only would the floors be affected, but often the walls are also. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to wash wet walls–or call a restoration firm immediately. Fast drying reduces the danger of structural damage and prevents mold from growing. 
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Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Attic

Water and moisture in your attic can cause you headaches and expensive repairs. Mold can grow and endanger your health, and water may weaken the structural integrity of your property. Most of the time, attic water damage is due to roof leakage. In other instances, it may be improper attic ventilation and insulating material or
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How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow in Flooded Basement?

Water damage from flooding, leaks, or high humidity can’t just compromise the integrity of your home and its contents but also result in mold growth. Mold can grow quickly after water damage, which makes the restoration process harder. Even a little bit of moisture, even if not managed quickly and correctly, can turn into a
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To-Do List for Spring Home Maintenance

Spring is the perfect season for landowners to freshen their houses. This involves the traditional home spring cleaning, but also house maintenance. After all, many household items require repair or upkeep once winter has passed. Listed below are six home maintenance jobs for spring. 
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Cleaning Up Your Basement After A Flood

Basement flooding can happen at any moment, particularly in the spring, when snow melts and spring storms start. Flooding can occur even in dry weather because of unexpected blockages into the sewage system around your house. If you’ve experienced basement flooding, it is imperative to deal with the situation immediately. To assist you to overcome
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Things to Consider In Putting Up A Clothing Line

With the popularity of the US television programs The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection and Project Runway There’s a buzz in the air about becoming the next up-and-coming, Sexy Designer. This may lead individuals to feel that it is easy to transition into the fashion market. More individuals are jumping into the business without the benefit
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What To Expect From The Fire Damage Restoration Process

PuroClean of All West Houston is the local choice for fire restoration Any dimension fire can cause significant damage to your property in West Houston. It is crucial that you contact PuroClean of all West Houston instantly so that we can determine the complete extent of the harm to your residential or commercial property. We
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